Advanced Shooting – Pistol & Rifle

Our instructors are some of the best marksmen in the world, and have competed at international and nation levels. Their tactical gun handling skills are second to none and taught very methodically through institutional knowledge developed during their tenure in Tier One Units and combat.

Pistol and Rifle will begin with the fundamentals and advance quickly to:

  • Shooting on the move, forward and lateral
  • Strong and weak hand target engagements with pistol
  • Target discrimination drills
  • Barricade and urban rifle work
  • Strong and weak shoulder rifle engagement
  • Target transition with rifle and pistol
  • Weapon transition from rifle to pistol
  • Speed work from the draw with pistol and rifle ready position

Night fire is available by request if participant has the proper gear to conduct night fire with; i.e., white light for pistol and rifle, night vision device with mount head or helmet, infrared or visible lasers.

During the course, accuracy will be stressed even as the speed progresses. The instructors will insure participants understand that without accuracy speed doesn’t matter and will assist the individual to focus on fundamentals while engaging targets in a timely manner through progression and repetition.

Individuals will be expected to bring their desired firearm, pistol belt/range gear, and ammunition for the course. Depending on where course is taught, firearms and gear may be rented and ammunition may be purchased.

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