Military / Law Enforcement

Our Instructors specialize in teaching combat application techniques to Military and Law Enforcement (LE) based off Tier One Units Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and experiences learned during combat operations. The key to being successful on the battlefield or on the streets in our great nation as LE is sound fundamentals and muscle memory. Fundamentals are the base for building accuracy, and muscle memory is repetition of certain actions that can be repeated successfully without thought in stressful situations.

Military and LE training are tailored to what the client needs. Courses may be 3, 5, or 10 days depending on the training requested. The basic 5-day course will entail 50 hours of training, both night and day. Courses may be:

  • Advanced Pistol/Rifle
  • Soft Skin (unarmored) or Armored Vehicle Intermediate Action Drills (IAD)
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or Urban Rifle
  • K-9 Training with CQB and Advanced Pistol/Rifle

Special Operation Teams and SWAT are at the foremost of our training and benefit greatly by the realistic and reality based training scenarios. The Vehicle IAD training is beneficial and has proven its worthiness on and off the battlefield. Whether it’s exiting a vehicle in a tactical manner and engaging targets or driving through the ambush while engaging targets, we have the techniques to prepare for the encounter. Having a plan of execution and exit strategy in a soft skin or armored vehicle is key to survival.

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