Tier One Eagle Training

Courses and Fees

Daily Rate per Client
  • Private One on One Instruction • $650
  • Semi Private (2 Clients) Instruction • $400 per Client
  • Course with 3 or more clients • $325 per client
  • Close Quarter Battle Course (Civilians) • $650 per client

Courses Offered
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship Pistol/Rifle
  • Carry Concealed Certification Course
  • Carry Concealed Training and Techniques
  • 1 Day Tactical Pistol or Rifle Course
  • 2 Day Combined Tactical Pistol/Rifle Course (recommended beginners through advanced)
  • Specialized Weapon Training (specified by client)
  • Advanced Urban Rifle and Vehicle React to Contact Course
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Course Military and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Canine Training And Integration for Law Enforcement Agencies

Courses may provide: Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Proper Gun Handling Techniques, Advanced Pistol and Rifle Instruction, Malfunction Drills, Reload Procedures, Strong and Weak Hand Pistol Work, Target Transition Drills- Narrow and Wide, Shooting on the Move- Forward and Lateral, Trigger Manipulation, Reset and Speed Drills, Barricade Shooting, Steel Target Engagements for Speed and Accuracy Drills, Rifle Shoulder Transition Drills, Weapon Concealment and Carry Techniques, Mindset and Shot Placement, Advice and Discussion on Proper Concealment Gear.

Course Breakdown for our Oxford, North Carolina Range

  • 1 Block of Instruction consist training from 9 am till 4 pm!
  • 2 Blocks of instructions with pistol and carbine will be from 8 am till 5 pm.
  • Lunch and Tier One Eagle T-Shirt will be included with course. CCW clients must request lunch and a company T-shirt at additional cost to course fee.
  • 2 Day Course will include lunch x 2 days, dinner and lodging for 1 night. Two students max for lodging!
  • Ammunition can be provided at going rate at time of course upon advanced request.
  • Pistol with belt rig or Carbine with magazines can be rented for course at $20 per day and per weapon system.

Note: Additional cost may apply for 5.56 Frangible Ammunition if used for speed work with carbine using steel targets if desired by shooter. Highly recommended to increase trigger manipulation and trigger reset. Great for shot feedback, speed shooting, and close-in work.

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