Private Shooting Instruction

One on one or small group firearms instruction are the quickest ways to become proficient with any weapon system. Through our private firearms instruction course, you will receive personal instruction from Tier 1 instructors with either basic or advanced rifle or pistol, proper fundamentals of marksmanship, gun handling skills, and instant feedback on proper or improper shooting techniques.

Our instructors are combat proven, having served in Special Operation Units, and are seasoned shooting instructors who have taught around the world with foreign militaries and here at home with US Special Operation Forces, as well as Federal and State Law Enforcement. Our private courses can be tailored to each client and their desired needs, such as concealed carry and open carry techniques, close in work with rifle and pistol in a confined space such as a vehicle or home, marksmanship and bullseye training, weapon transition from rifle to pistol, reload drills, shooting on the move, and strong and weak hand marksmanship. Typically, the private courses are either one or two days, but can be tailored to the number of days a client needs for their training. Depending on where the course is taught, firearms and gear may be rented and ammunition may be purchased.

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