CQB / Urban Rifle / Vehicle Tactics

While Close Quarter Battle, Urban Rifle, and Vehicle Tactics are advanced and normally taught to military and law enforcement, our instructors can teach civilians these techniques in a crawl, walk, and run order. You will be taught shoulder transition techniques for engaging targets from both strong and weak side with a rifle while utilizing maximum amount of cover.

The CQB portion will consist of flat range target engagements for accuracy, building/home clearing techniques in a systematic order with target engagement using strong wall and points of domination procedures, target discrimination drills, proper entry techniques, and shot placement for immediate termination of intruders.

Urban Rifle consists of using available cover for protection while engaging targets both far and near in an urban environment. Whether it’s vehicles, building walls, or natural structures, the procedures are the same but may slightly differ depending on the type of cover. Urban rifle is nothing more than recognizing the cover available to the individual and using it to minimize exposure while engaging the opposition or targets in an accurate and timely manner. The course will work in and around barricades, vehicle positional shooting, and building corner clearing techniques.

Vehicle Immediate Action Drills (IAD) will enable the participant to understand rifle and pistol work in a confined space while engaging targets from within a vehicle and getting off the X; the “X” being the point or area inside of the vehicle. We will explain, demonstrate, and drill the procedure for recognizing the threat, immediate action taken, vehicle exit techniques, and target engagement positions once initiated. Proper weapon placement prior to engagement and mindset to overcome threat will be stressed and taught, as well as a preplanned execution checklist to survive any hostile threat. Individuals will be expected to bring their desired firearm, pistol belt/range gear, and ammunition for the course. Depending on where course is taught, firearms and gear may be rented and ammunition may be purchased.

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