K-9 Consulting

Tier One Eagle Tactics has world renowned instructors that train international and national Combat Application Dogs (CAD) tactically for Combat, but Law Enforcement (LE) as well. Our instructors conduct buy trips in Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Slovakia in search of canines that surpass the expected standards of normal K9 outfitters.

Our training consists of:

  • Obedience
  • Detection
  • Search
  • Bite
  • Hold
  • K9 Discrimination

Obedience work is performed daily and tailored towards the client’s needs. Obedience language preferred will be taught to the canine. Detection training can focus on drugs, objects, or human search. Dual purpose training can be requested and completed in a timely manner depending on the canine’s ability.

Canine discrimination tactics can be integrated into Assault tactics for Military or LE. Canine target discrimination is very difficult when dealing with entering a structure through multiple entry points and assaulters or officers working to clear the structure at the same time as the canine. We have developed techniques for canine discrimination that have proven effective on and off leash and in lighted and darkened structures. Another area we focus on is off-lead area searches for individuals, narcotics, or item search. Dual purpose canines are an asset whether on the battlefield or on the streets here at home.

Our training can consist of a seminar, 2-3-day training course, or Intro training with sustained sessions over a period of time. Depending on the needs of the client we can assist, train, and help procure the right canine for the job.

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