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Our Concealed Carry Weapon Class (CCW) is an eight-hour class that covers Federal and State laws pertaining to carrying a concealed hand gun. It is further broken down to cover North Carolina Statutory and Common Law pertaining to CCW as well as places you can and cannot carry regardless of the issuances of the CCW. The course will familiarize an individual with proper carry equipment such as holsters inside and outside the waistband, magazine pouches, and the proper placement of firearm and positions while carrying.

Participants can expect to conduct range fire with their firearm. Our instructors will cover the Fundamentals of Marksmanship and Safety Procedures while handling a weapon on and off the range, as well as coaching the individual during fire to help improve confidence and accuracy.

Individuals will be expected to bring their desired firearm, pistol belt/range gear, and ammunition for the course. Depending on where course is taught, firearms and gear may be rented and ammunition may be purchased.

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